Memorial Weekend 2015

Memorial Weekend 2015

What a great Memorial Weekend 2015! We hope you had a fantastic Holiday weekend with friends & family and took some time to thank the members of our armed forces for their sacrifice which grants us freedoms, like the blessed 3-day weekend!

My son and I decided to head up to Crane Prairie Reservoir for some fishing and an overnight camp. Our favorite spot on Crane Prairie is the Rock Creek Campground. The way they've designed this campground is just fantastic. Every site feels secluded. And that what you want right? We go camping to get away from it all, not to move into another suburb!

While not known for kokanee, like nearby Wickiup, the word is, Crane has some koke's too. What its really known for is the infamous CraneBow! Monster Rainbow lake trout. This also didn't disappoint! We didnt catch any of the elusive kokanee rumored to be in this lake, but we hammered the Rainbow trout which are far more plentiful in this fishery. They loved the Wickedflo Spinner series. Specifically the fluorescent orange color with a colorado blade scale (Wickedflo #3). A little corn on the hook and wham! Fish On!

The specifics:

  • We long line trolled with dodgers. Spinners about 10" back from dodger.
  • P-Line in-line 1/4oz weights a couple feet ahead of the dodger.
  • Saturday, was windy, with 3 foot swells and temps in the 60's.
  • The algae are blooming, so water clarity was down.
  • Water temp showed about 57 degrees, which isnt suprising in a lake with average depth of 13ft.
  • Used shoepeg corn for hook adornment
  • Trolling speed averaged 1.5mph.
  • Barametric Pressure was low (32).
  • Sunday was calmer wind, flatter water and warmer temps (High 70's).

Hope you also got a chance for some fishing and fun this weekend. Questions, hit me up at