Lake Simtustus June 2015

A day at Lake Simtustus

CTC headed out to Lake Simtustus a few days ago with some friends and we flat killed it. In just a few hours we'd landed 15-20 fish! Some of these were rainbows upwards of 16inches with terrific fight in them. We used both the CTC Wickedflo and Legends Series spinners. Chartreuse, Red, Pink and Amber were the hot colors!. Water temp was 68 in the main section around the resort, but as low as 52 up nearer the damn. We trolled a bit faster for the rainbows at about 2-2.3 mph, with a simple long line setup of 1oz in-line weights, a flash dodger and CTC spinner with garlic corn.  Check out the YOUTUBE video of a few of the rainbows we landed on the day.


I've often overlooked this strip of a lake, because,'s narrower than some rivers I've fished and secondly, it's past my favorite lake Billy Chinook. I rarely drive past Billy without putting the boat in for some kokes and bulls. I won't overlook it again, especially since I've come to learn that this particular lake is the most heavily stocked in all of Central Oregon. 7500 trophy size rainbows every month through August.  

Follow this link to see the stocking schedule and stock counts. .

Also check out this interactive stocking map from ODFW. Some good general information and links to additional info for fishing throughout the region.

The scenery was idealic, and the fishing was fantastic. The other really nice thing about this lake, especially in the heat of summer, is that its restricted to 10mph speeds on the whole lake! This means no water skiers, tubers or jetskiers churning up the water all day.  If you're thinking of heading out fishing for Father's Day, and you want to snag some nice rainbows all day, grab a few Clearwater Tackle spinners and head to Lake Simtustus! Maybe I'll see you there!


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