Fishing Report

Thought I’d take a minute to update you on our latest fishing report. Last weekend, I took my son and a friend of his out to our home lake, Billy Chinook. We love this fishery, because each arm provides different views, different fishing and different fun.

Lately, we’ve been heading up the Metolius arm to the south side of the island, catching Kokanee and Dolly Vardens (I prefer the old school name over Bulls). This day was no different. We hammered the kokes and caught a couple nice 18″ bulls (of course I forgot to take pictures of those).

Barometric pressure was 32, water temp 55, Sunny and clear with 70 degree temps. We’re long lining with 1 oz weights, trolling a dodger at about 1.5 mph (according to Gps). Thermocline is still in that top 20 feet of water and fishing has been excellent.

Hot lures continue to be the Legends Spinner Series #6 and #8

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