Lake Simtustus June 2015

A day at Lake Simtustus

CTC headed out to Lake Simtustus a few days ago with some friends and we flat killed it. In just a few hours we'd landed 15-20 fish! Some of these were rainbows upwards of 16inches with terrific fight in them. We used both the CTC Wickedflo and Legends Series spinners. Chartreuse, Red, Pink and Amber were the hot colors!. Water temp was 68 in the main section around the resort, but as low as 52 up nearer the damn. We trolled a bit faster for the rainbows at about 2-2.3 mph, with a simple long line setup of 1oz in-line weights, a flash dodger and CTC spinner with garlic corn.  Check out the YOUTUBE video of a few of the rainbows we landed on the day.


I've often overlooked this strip of a lake, because,'s narrower than some rivers I've fished and secondly, it's past my favorite lake Billy Chinook. I rarely drive past Billy without putting the boat in for some kokes and bulls. I won't overlook it again, especially since I've come to learn that this particular lake is the most heavily stocked in all of Central Oregon. 7500 trophy size rainbows every month through August.  

Follow this link to see the stocking schedule and stock counts. .

Also check out this interactive stocking map from ODFW. Some good general information and links to additional info for fishing throughout the region.

The scenery was idealic, and the fishing was fantastic. The other really nice thing about this lake, especially in the heat of summer, is that its restricted to 10mph speeds on the whole lake! This means no water skiers, tubers or jetskiers churning up the water all day.  If you're thinking of heading out fishing for Father's Day, and you want to snag some nice rainbows all day, grab a few Clearwater Tackle spinners and head to Lake Simtustus! Maybe I'll see you there!


Get Your Fish On!

Odell Lake Mackinaw Fishing

Clearwater Tackle Company was on hand at the 2015 Odell Lake Resort 6th Annual Mackinaw Derby. Odell Lake mackinaw fishing was awesome! Neither the resort, weather or the fishing disappointed. Check out this video of a few of the hogs we landed! Get Your Fish On!

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Odell Lake Resort Mac Derby

2015 Odell Lake Resort Mac Derby

The 2015 Odell Lake Resort Mac Derby is in the books and what a fantastic event it was. Our largest fish was about 14 pounds and 34 1/2 inches long and all told in 1.5 days we landed 8 . The winning fish was 32 pounds and the top 10 was rounded out with a slew of 16-22 pounders! According to the owner John, this 32 pound fish was the largest in the 6 year history of the Derby. 

Being that we make lures, I tied up some modified CTC Legends series lures with 20# test mono, a treble following hook, 1/0 gamakatsu single in the skirt and a hoochie skirt. We caught about half our fish on these hoochies behind a dodger and the other half on Kwikfish in a blue and silver pattern, with.

The staff at Odell Lake Resort were fantastic! Our room was spacious and recently updated. Nice to come back to after fishing for 12 hours straight. Next year, I think we'll rent a cabin. We visited with some friends who had a cabin and they look awesome (especially with a hot tub). The food at the resort, was also spot on. As part of the Derby, dinner was provided Saturday night. mouth-watering Pulled Pork, salads, bbq chicken, taters, beans, rolls - no one left hungry for sure. We even had a Sasquatch siting at dinner, which was pretty funny.

We also had the privilege of helping sponsor the tournament, by providing a Clearwater Tackle Co. kokanee lure to everyone who didn't win a door prize. All told, we gave out 50+ lures. Additionally, Odell Lake Resort has expressed interest in carrying CTC lures in the lodge pro-shop and in use for their guide services. We'll keep you posted when this is a done deal and you can pick some up there.

I highly recommend the Odell Lake Resort for a wonderful weekend or vacation getaway for you and your family. This was my first time there and I'll definitely be back. Odell has fantastic Kokanee fishing, but if you've never targeted Mackinaw (Lakers, Lake Trout), then you are missing out on an incredible fishery. Odell currently holds the Oregon state record at 40 1/2 pounds.

With the free fishing weekend coming up this weekend, head on down to Odell Lake and Get Your Fish On!

Memorial Weekend 2015

Memorial Weekend 2015

What a great Memorial Weekend 2015! We hope you had a fantastic Holiday weekend with friends & family and took some time to thank the members of our armed forces for their sacrifice which grants us freedoms, like the blessed 3-day weekend!

My son and I decided to head up to Crane Prairie Reservoir for some fishing and an overnight camp. Our favorite spot on Crane Prairie is the Rock Creek Campground. The way they've designed this campground is just fantastic. Every site feels secluded. And that what you want right? We go camping to get away from it all, not to move into another suburb!

While not known for kokanee, like nearby Wickiup, the word is, Crane has some koke's too. What its really known for is the infamous CraneBow! Monster Rainbow lake trout. This also didn't disappoint! We didnt catch any of the elusive kokanee rumored to be in this lake, but we hammered the Rainbow trout which are far more plentiful in this fishery. They loved the Wickedflo Spinner series. Specifically the fluorescent orange color with a colorado blade scale (Wickedflo #3). A little corn on the hook and wham! Fish On!

The specifics:

  • We long line trolled with dodgers. Spinners about 10" back from dodger.
  • P-Line in-line 1/4oz weights a couple feet ahead of the dodger.
  • Saturday, was windy, with 3 foot swells and temps in the 60's.
  • The algae are blooming, so water clarity was down.
  • Water temp showed about 57 degrees, which isnt suprising in a lake with average depth of 13ft.
  • Used shoepeg corn for hook adornment
  • Trolling speed averaged 1.5mph.
  • Barametric Pressure was low (32).
  • Sunday was calmer wind, flatter water and warmer temps (High 70's).

Hope you also got a chance for some fishing and fun this weekend. Questions, hit me up at

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend 2015.  I don’t know about you, but any time there’s a 3 day weekend and the weather promises to be good, I get excited. Where are we going, who’s going to go, what fish are we going to target, should we camp, is it too cold to camp? My mind runs wild with ideas, planning, cajoling, dreaming.

This Memorial Day Weekend in Central Oregon, the fishing and outdoor adventures should be excellent. The Moons faze is perfect, the weather is supposed to be in the low to mid 70’s, pressure is down and this recent spate of cool, rainy weather has me itching for tight lines.

As a primer, check out this post by the ODFW. Follow the links to some excellent information on openings, regs etc.

Go fishing: It’s a three-day weekend. Visit a favorite spot or discover a new one. Many more rivers and streams open to…

Posted by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Here’s another link from Idaho Fish & Game, about chinook openings on the Little Salmon River.

Here’s some information about new fishing access available to Chinook fisherman on the Little Salmon River.

Posted by Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Get outside this weekend with friends and family then come back and tell us about it.


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Fishing Report

Thought I’d take a minute to update you on our latest fishing report. Last weekend, I took my son and a friend of his out to our home lake, Billy Chinook. We love this fishery, because each arm provides different views, different fishing and different fun.

Lately, we’ve been heading up the Metolius arm to the south side of the island, catching Kokanee and Dolly Vardens (I prefer the old school name over Bulls). This day was no different. We hammered the kokes and caught a couple nice 18″ bulls (of course I forgot to take pictures of those).

Barometric pressure was 32, water temp 55, Sunny and clear with 70 degree temps. We’re long lining with 1 oz weights, trolling a dodger at about 1.5 mph (according to Gps). Thermocline is still in that top 20 feet of water and fishing has been excellent.

Hot lures continue to be the Legends Spinner Series #6 and #8

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Wickiup Reservoir Opener!

Opening weekend on Wickiup Reservoir was a hit. Sean Pettis, shared some of the photos he took that Saturday. Everyone else Sean talked to at the docks were catching 1 or 2 fish, while he and his partner landed 9. That’s awesome!

Hot colors for the day: Red/White, Black/White & Amber/Black Legend Spinner Series were the hot lures.

Temperature was in the 70’s, with barometric pressure around 32.

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