A Native of the Northwest, Mike has been fishing it's waters for nearly 40 years.

When he began teaching his young son to fish he quickly realized measuring your catch rate in hours wasn't going to hold his son’s interest for long. Searching for a solution, it became clear the inconsistent bite and missed hookups were directly related to the quality and design of today’s fishing tackle. So he began making his own lures, simply to help his son get more fish, more often!

It worked! After a lot of trial and error, we started showing significantly higher catch rates and better fish with our tackle designs on those same waters. Soon, other fishermen began to notice and ask for them. The idea of CTC was born and we now share them with you.

Our passion is designing the highest quality fishing tackle which will help you catch bigger, better fish, more often. We’ll also do our level best to use components which minimize our impact on the fishing waters we love. An example of this is our Legends and WickedFlo Spinner Series. Both of these product lines, utilize lead-free glass crystals. Glass is also inert, which means there is no chemical breakdown should you lose one. We feel good about that and you should to.

So Tie One On & Get Your Fish On!

M & B Laybourn

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